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I’ve been seeing the acronym “FTW” for a while on my Twitter feed, and wondered what that meant. While I’m sure people have come up with interesting meanings for this, FTW (for me anyways) stands for For The Win. Wikipedia defines it as:

(Internet, slang) Being the best; being great, awesome, amazing or spectacular; sure to succeed (used as a term of approval, like long live)

I would like to take this a little more literally, in that there was awesomeness that happened. Someone recently “accused” me of being negative, so, sitting a coffee shop, I decided to try adding a new daily post, aptly titled “Daily Win”.

The Daily Win is my way of focusing on what was positive or awesome that happened in my day. And I will try my best to not drag any Negativity into this exercise.

So without further ado, today’s Daily Win:

  • I got to hang out with my son, doing one of his all time favourite activities: riding the rails (aka riding on Skytrain).
  • I got to meet up with a co-worker from my former place of employment for lunch
  • I actually sat at a coffee shop and did absolutely nothing for 20 minutes but drink my hot chocolate. I didn’t even bother surfing on my phone, even though there was free Wi-Fi at the shop. I just was. (I get enough people nagging me to relax, so I took their advice)



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