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I cried a little this morning. Today, I realized that my “idol” that I worshiped above God was my frantic desire to finding a job. Now. It’s not even about the money, although earning money again would be nice, and would give me back my security blanket. But really, it is more to do with my identity as a person, and my sense of self-esteem. Much of how I perceive myself is through what I do at work. Plus, I’m doing a slight shift to my career, and to be able to get a job doing what I want to do, that would really make me feel much better about my abilities and my future.

So I put this day in God’s hands, determined to enjoy my day visiting with my family and dragging my son out to the playground for some much-needed fresh air and sunshine.  It was the first time that my grandmother has gone out since she had her illness, and my son always needs to run off his energy. To feel the peace from focussing on God and not obsessing about my job search, despite my current situation, and knowing that he will care and take care of me no matter what.




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Written Prayer Impostor Syndrome

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